Friday, October 29, 2010

ARCI matrix's - defining roles in your organisation

Often, even for small businesses, poor communication, blurry lines of responsibility and a lack of accountability pose serious problems for organisations.

The answer is a simple tool known as an ARCI matrix. The matrix will provide a clear road-map for any process it is applied to, outlining (for every element within an activitiy, project or process):
  • Who is accountable for the task - ultimate accountability lies with just one person
  • Who is responsible for the task - the person or group who undertakes the work itself
  • Who needs to be consulted on each task - for information or knowledge
  • Who needs to be informed on the progress of each task - kept in the loop
At any one time in the process or project it is clear who is doing what, thus eliminating those blurry lines of responsibility and accountability and ensuring that the job is complete.

The role of any individual or group will change throughout the course of a process or activity, and for especially complicated projects it is crucial to learn when a particular process reaches a milestone where the accountability switches to someone else.

For more information on ARCI matrix's, contact Fusion Business Concepts, a Member of the Sutlet Group. Fusion provide HR consulting and planning services for businesses in Thailand.