Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Appraising staff in Thailand

Appraisal is a key HR tool that assists a manager to understand the problems and inefficiencies in an organisation clearly and, ‘from the horse’s mouth’, so to speak! The problem is that it is often carried out as something to get out of the way rather than as an exercise that can add incredible value to organisation-wide planning.

Appraisal is just as important an HR-tool in Thailand, as it is in other countries. Some things you may learn from appraisal:

·         Staff X is underutilized
·         Staff Y does not understand his role
·         Staff Z has an idea that could save the company money/improve service/add value
·         Staff A does not work well with others
·         Staff B does not understand communications from management
And so on…

To carry out an effective appraisal, follow these key steps:

Get organised
As with marketing, sales, operations, you need to devote some proper time to appraisal (planning and the activity / analysis itself), plan the appraisal process carefully and set some objectives for yourself.

Obtain resources
Create / download / purchase an appraisal form that can be edited and is usable for your business. The Thailand HR Suite sells a 360-degree appraisal form, in Thai and English language, for just a few thousand Baht.

Your appraisal form should quantifiable (ratings 1-10), but also provide scope for additional thoughts and information, taking in to account the following:

1.    Staff review of themselves in line with their job description
2.    Staff review of their team/department in line with objectives
3.    Staff review of their superior, with regards communication, support, advice, motivation

This 360 degree approach, when used properly, is very effective.

Prior to the appraisal
Inform your team when they will be completing their appraisal, and what the objectives are. It is especially necessary in Thailand to assure the staff that the information they provide is confidential and that the goal is to improve the company. Honesty is key and this is a chance to show management what you are capable of.

The appraisal itself
Sit down with the employee first and remind them of how to complete the form and that honesty is key. The atmosphere should be relaxed, not overbearing. Provide them with a chance to ask questions and then provide enough time for them to complete the form, and place it inside an envelope (for added confidentiality).

After the appraisal
Set aside time to review the results and look for trends, consistencies, inconsistencies and problems. How you address these findings is important, as it should be as soon after the appraisal as possible to maintain momentum. Call people in for a second talk if required to clarify certain issues, but always be thankful for their feedback.

With a proper process in place, your appraisal will yield interesting and helpful results that can improve your business and motivate your team.

Written by Stuart Blott, CEO, Fusion Business Concepts and General Manager, Sutlet Group


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